Motorhome Roof Damage

The roof of this motorhome was hit by a falling tree during a severe storm about a year ago.
A “repair” was performed by another shop. The RV owner brought this motorhome to us after discovering the first “repair” had been leaking.
We were surprised to see that all they did was cut approximately 2ft x 2ft area out, fill it with thin plywood and body filler (bondo) and apply mobile home roof coat as a final waterproofing.
This is NOT an acceptable way to repair a fiberglass roof especially when an air conditioner is in close proximity and the structure of the roof has been compromised.
We reinforced the roof inside the motorhome, bonded the cracked foam-core roof together again, laminated 5-ply plywood on the top side and laminated fiberglass to the new plywood. Now this roof doesn’t sag even if we hop up/down on it.
It is sad and frustrating when someone brings us an RV and tells us they already paid another shop to “fix” it once. When contacted about the failure of this roof “repair” they refused to warranty their work.

It feels good to be part of the solution. This customer can now move on from this negative experience and enjoy some time traveling in their motorhome.

Snowmobile Trailer Furnace Install

A couple pictures from a furnace and boot dryer we installed in a snowmobile trailer. Just in time for our coldest time of the year!