Winterizing your RV

(basic guidelines) Why winterize? Because water left in the lines and tanks will cause damage. Just draining the lines isn’t good enough, because small amounts of water will be trapped in the most unlikely places, inside the pump, filters, faucet’s, water heater, drains, and holding tanks. You have to flush it out so that itContinue reading “Winterizing your RV”

What RV manufacturers produce the best quality RVs?

Many RV manufacturers seem to have decided, after the Great Recession, that they should stop making good products and start making good money. Year after year quality slips and the price of an RV creeps up. However, consider this: RV’s are built for recreation. If every manufacturer built their product to last forever, RV pricesContinue reading “What RV manufacturers produce the best quality RVs?”

What happens if you connect a solar panel in parallel?

It is acceptable to connect solar panels either parallel or in series. In parallel, the voltage will not change regardless of how many panels are connected together. Each additional panel will add amperage to the system. This would be beneficial if your usage demands more amperage but requires the lower voltage. If you wish toContinue reading “What happens if you connect a solar panel in parallel?”

What type of solar panel would you recommend installing on an RV?

Any panel made from monocrystalline or polycrystalline. Stay away from any solar panel that is described as amorphous. Although they are priced much lower than monocrystalline panels, they are only 6%–9% efficient. Monocrystalline panels will usually have a blue color and when looking at the panel, you will be able to make out individual cellsContinue reading “What type of solar panel would you recommend installing on an RV?”